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Comprehensive Fixed Prosthodontics

Comprehensive Fixed Prosthodontics Course

(3 Days Lectures and Workshops)

Topics Covered :

Module 1: All Ceramic Restorations, Inlay and Onlay ( prep, impression, temporization and cementation ).

Module 2: Laminate Veneer ( prep, impression, temporization and cementation ).

Module 3: Restoration of endodontically Treated Tooth ( Post & Core ).


1- prep, impression ,temporization of all Ceramic restorations.

2- prep, impression ,temporization of all laminate veneer restorations.

3- Post & core and Endocrown workshop.

Laminate Veneer Module:

Introduction to ceramic veneers.

Diagnosis, when to consider ceramic veneers.

Patient communications and treatment planning.

Pre-restorative esthetic analysis and treatment.

Clinical techniques from A to Z.

Fundamentals of tooth preparation.

When to prepare and when not to.

Advanced preparation techniques”Full Veneers”.

Non-orthodontic repositioning.

Tissue management.

Conservative alternatives.

Esthetic analysis, control, and achievement.

Color control, Ceramic. staining.

Opacity control, the KEY to esthetic success.

Dealing with problems: sensitivity, patients acceptance.

Veneer try-in, chair-side color and opacity modification.

Provisionals made easy and healthy Cementation, finishing and polishing impressions.

Laboratory communication.

Evaluation of ceramic alternatives.

Selection criteria for esthetic materials.

Matching veneers to adjacent crowns & implant restorations.

Avoiding failures and problems.


Prepare easy to advanced veneers.

Provisional made easy, aesthetic and healthy.

Preparing mal.

Positioned teeth.


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