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Comprehensive Dental Implantology Course

Comprehensive Dental Implantology Course

Course Description:
This course is designed to introduce the basic as well as the advanced concepts and principles related to dental and oral implantology. Starting from historical perspectives, implant bio-materials and principles of placement to hard and soft tissue reconstruction and maintenance, treatment of complications extending over five days.

Course Objectives
1) introduce the dentists to dental implantology.
2) Enable the dentists to recognize clinical situations in which dental implants may complement or enhance the oral rehabilitation of the patient.
3) Introduce the most recent techniques and materials related to dental implantology allow dentists to place many implants in patients provided by the training center.
4) Support the dentist after completion of the training course.

Course Topics :
– Introduction to dental implantology.
– Implant Surgical protocol.
– Dental implant prosthetic.
– Different approaches for implant insertion after tooth extraction.
– Immediate loading of root-form dental implants.
– Flapless Implant surgery.
– Hard tissue grafting.
– Guided bone regeneration.
– Unconventional methods to modify bone quality and volume.
– Prognosis of dental implants.
– Diagnosis and Treatment of Peri-implantitis.
– Complications of dental implants.

Hands-on training:
-implant components.
– Radiographic tracing.
– Suturing techniques.
– Implant placement in foam mandible.
– Different impression techniques.
– Surgical guide Fabrication.

Clinical work:
Candidates will place 5 implants (included in course fees) in patient mouth

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