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Comprehensive Periodontology

Comprehensive Periodontology Course

Four Days Lecture & Hands on:
Management of Periodontal Bone Loss.
Types Of Periodontitis.
Management Of Periodontal Pockets.
Management Of Periodontal Infections.
Guided Tissue Regeneration.
Types Of Periodontal Flaps.

Management of Gingival Recession.
Classification of Gingival Recession.
Clinical Significance of Managing Recession.
Determination of Prognosis.
Surgical Management.

Perio-Restorative Surgery.
Crown Lengthening Procedure.
Pontic Site.
Development in Esthetic Zone.

Perio-Ortho Interface.
orthodontic Intrusion For Over-Erupting Teeth.
Frenectomy (Labial – Lingual).
Gingivectomy & Gingivoplasty.
Coverage of Root Dehiscence.

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