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Comprhensive Endodontic

Comprehensive Endodontic Course

6 days comprehensive Hands-on courses are specifically designed for general dental practitioners (GDPs) to enhance their knowledge and Clinical skill about modern endodontics and advanced endodontic techniques.

Topics Covered:
First Module :
Access cavity preparation under Magnification (Clinical tricks and Guide lines for detection of extra Canals).
New perspectives cleaning and shaping Techniques.
Niti Properties and how employ to prevent its breakage.
Recent trends in rotary systems in the market.
3D obturation, thermo-plasticized gutta percha techniques.

Second Module :
Endodontic failures and retreatment.
Retrieval of accidents.
Instrument breakage using different techniques.
Management of traumatized tooth-pulp.
Removal of posts using different techniques.
Vital pulp therapy and pulp capping.
Medical Evaluation and Antibiotic Precautions.
Locating and Opening the Mineralized Canal.
Managing the obstructed canal.
Mishaps during Root Canal Shaping.
Mishaps in Shaping the Apical Third.
Pain after Cleaning and Shaping.
Endodontic Emergencies and Their Treatment.

First Module:
Access cavity preparation under magnification.
Troughing of extra canals using ultra-sonic.
Cleaning and shaping using most recent rotary Niti with the modern concept used by the endodontic specialists worldwide.
Obturation using vertical condensation of thermo-plasticized Gutta percha and the concept of Hydraulics.

Second Module:
Coronal disassembly.
Removal of post and broken instruments.
Repair of perforation at different canals.
Management of immature open apex teeth.

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