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Mastery In Clinical Orthodontics

Mastery in Clinical Orthodontics
3 days Course and workshop

Cairo, 21st to 23rd of April 2018

Mohammed Almuzian (Mo)
Specialist Orthodontist/ London & Lecturer in Orthodontics/ University of Sydney/ Australia
BDS (Hons), PGCert. Systematic Rev.Health (UK), MDSc.Orth. (Iraq), MSc.HCA (USA), DClin.Dent.Orth.(UK), MFDS (Edinburgh), MJDF (England), MFD (Ireland), MDTF (Edinburgh), MOrth. (Edinburgh), IMOrth. (Glasgow), MRCDS.Orth. (Sydney)

Learning outcomes
At the end of the course, participants should:

  • Understand the basis of clinical assessment in orthodontics
  • Understand the structure of the MOrth examination, the examiners view and the marking scheme
  • Understand and apply the required knowledge in managing malocclusion in developing dentition
  • Understand orthodontic anchorage demand and how to manage it
  • List the comprehensively orthodontic space provision methods
  • Be familiar with classification, aetiology, features and management of different type of malocclusion
  • Be able to criticise the potential treatment approaches for each type of malocclusion
  • Acquire the required skills to use medical records as the basis for focused discussion
  • Be familiar with some of the latest evidences with regards to RME and root resorption  and apply them in clinical practice

Course program
Saturday: 21/04/2018

  • (8am-9am) Course registration
  • (9am-11am) Facial and smile analysis in orthodontics
  • (11am-11:15am) Tea and coffee break
  • (11:15am-1:15pm) Tooth arch length discrepancy and space analysis
  • (1:15am-2pm) Lunch break
  • (2am-3:30pm) Mixed dentition and tooth size analysis
  • (2:30am-2:45pm) Tea and coffee break
  • (2:45am-4:15pm) Bonus lecture: MOrth exam orientation
  • (4:15pm-5pm): open discussion

Sunday: 22/04/2018

  • (8am-9am) Course registration
  • (9am-11am) Bonus lecture: Recent advances in orthodontics: Orthodontically induced iatrogenic root resorption (OIIRR). What do we know so far?
  • (11am-11:15am) Tea and coffee break
  • (11:15am-1:15pm) SPEED CAST technique for space provision
  • (1:15am-2pm) Lunch break
  • (2am-3:30pm) SAFE MOOH technique: a quick way to assess anchorage demand and extraction pattern in the exam within 2 minutes!
  • (2:30am-2:45pm) Tea and coffee break
  • (2:45am-4:15pm) Gamification session: Who will win the medal?
  • (4:15am-5pm): open discussion

 Monday: 23/04/2018

  • (8am-9am) Course registration
  • (9am-11am) Bonus lecture: Recent advances in orthodontics: Recent advance in the treatment of maxillary expansion and transverse discrepancies
  • (11am-11:15am) Tea and coffee break
  • (11:15am-1:15pm) Case-Based Discussion Workshop/ Part I*
  • (1:15am-2pm) Lunch break
  • (2am-3:30pm) Case-Based Discussion Workshop? Part II*
  • (2:30am-2:45pm) Tea and coffee break
  • (2:45am-4:15pm) Case-Based Discussion Workshop? Part III*
  • (4:15am-5:45pm): Bonus lecture: Interceptive Orthodontics (IO): from A to Z
  •  * Case based discussion in relation to the orthodontic management of all classes of malocclusion, Hypodontia, impacted teeth, anterior open bite and deep bite as well as bracket set up and treatment mechanics.

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